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Timing Good Feng Shui 8 Mansions Wondering Stars

Timing Good Feng Shui 8 Mansions Wondering Stars
8 Mansions Feng Shui, or ‘Ba Zhai’, is well known for the allocating of favourable and unfavourable locations and directions for a house and its people. By utilizing a certain location and facing a certain direction, we are able to ‘tap into’ a specific type of Qi. There are eight different types of Qi (thus the name 8 Mansions) and they are collectively termed as ‘The Eight Wandering Stars’.

Probably the most famous of the stars is the Sheng Qi. As with its name which means ‘Life Force’, the active nature of this Qi facilitates financial and business gains. Being attuned to your Sheng Qi allows you to make wise executive decisions, indirectly enhancing your wealth. Sheng Qi can also strengthen ones authority. Its element is wood.

Tian Yi, or the ‘Heavenly Doctor’, aids in physical recovery and in maintaining optimal health. This Qi can also attract noble and helpful people in times of need - For example, a good doctor when one is ill. Sometimes students who tap into this earth star can find good teachers.

For those in public relations, the Yan Nian may prove helpful. Although Yan Nian translates into ‘Prolonging Years’ or ‘Longevity’, the function of this star promotes good relationships, be it love, friendship, or business relationships. This can indirectly enhance ones public reputation and communications skill. Yan Nian is a metal star.

The influence of the Fu Wei, or ‘stable seat’, is soothing and calming. The nature of this wood star is suitable for studies and meditation.

Huo Hai, if unknowingly activated, causes hassles and obstacles to ones goals. This earth star, whose name means ‘accidents and harm’ is the least disastrous of the 4 evil stars – nonetheless its effects can be rather annoying.

The fiery nature of the Wu Gui, or ‘Five Ghosts’, causes back-stabbing, betrayal, arguments, and minor accidents. This is especially true if the main door of an office or house is located in this sector, as the Qi then affects the whole building.

The water star Liu Sha, which means ‘six killings’, is known to bring physical injuries (in serious cases, surgery is not uncommon). It may also cause arguments and legal problems.

The most dreaded star is the Jue Ming. Translating into ‘Life Sapping’, this form of Qi can cause serious illnesses, accidents, and all sorts of other problems.

Unknown to many, the Time factor also plays an important role in 8 Mansions Feng Shui. During certain years (and similarly, certain months) a different star (or stars) becomes stronger or weaker. Although at first glance 8 Mansions appear as a very simple form of Feng Shui, in actuality it has many deeper dimensions of application that is crucial in order to fully bring out the potent nature of the stars.

A qualified Feng Shui practitioner should know that it is somewhat inaccurate that the wife (in a marriage) should ‘follow the good directions of her husband’ and therefore sacrifice a portion of her own well being (as nowadays women have their own careers too).

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